Make your own Fishing Stuff with these free woodworking plans:

Free plans for building a fishing tying box or table, an ice fishing rod or a bamboo rod:

  • Homemade Fishing Float
    Make a homemade fishing float that can be adjusted to the depth of the water.

  • Fishing Tying Table
    If you are in need of a TV tying surface make your own! It won't cost a lot of money, looks nice, is very functional and fits the bill to a tee.

  • Ice Fishing Rod
    Four ways to build a jigging stick for wintertime fishing. You can easily make your own rod if you want to make a different type of rod or just want to try this wintertime sport.

  • Woodturning - Make a Fishing Reel
    Using woodturning you can actually make your own usable reel, and it is a useful item if you fish off jetties or boats.

  • Modifying Ice-Fishing Lures
    A tweak here and a dash of paint there can turn many baits into top producers.

  • Construct a Bamboo Fly Rod
    A fine bamboo rod pleases many of the senses: sight, smell, and certainly feel. Something about it just feels right.

top pick Fishing Rod Rack Plans

Build a fishing rod rack or fishing rod holder with the following free plans.

Fishing Rod Racks:

Build paddles or oars with the following free plans.

Oar Plans
Simple Oars
Boat Paddles
Double & Single Touring Paddles
Eskimo Style Paddles
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